What we do

  • Solar Energy Solution
  • Residential, Estates and Commercial
  • Grid-tied, Off-grid, Hybrid and Peak Demand Management

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Our Commitment

Understand your Energy Usage Profile
Recommend Eneregy Optimisation Solutions
Energy Measurement and Management
Return on Investment

How we do it

Energy Audits


  • Establish how much energy you are using?
  • Where and when it is being used?
  • What is it costing you and why?


Energy Efficiency

After an Energy Audit:

  • What can you do to be more energy efficient?
  • Where will you get the best Return on Investment?
  • Which energy efficiency solutions are right for you?
Monitoring, Reporting and Maintenance
  • Real time monitoring of your Solution
  • Manage and Optimise your Energy Profile and Peak Demand
  • Reporting on your generation, usage and savings
  • Regular maintenance to ensure optimum Solution performance
Solar Solutions
  • Why you should seriously contemplate going Solar?
  • Which Solar solution is right for you?
  • What is the Return on Investment?
Financing Options
  • You can finance your Solar Solution
  • No large upfront capital required
  • Match your payments to your savings
  • Shared risk on Commercial & Industrial Solutions